Tra-Digital Illustration!

This page features my "Tra-Digital" illustrations; art made with a combination of traditional and digital art mediums.


An illustration of Ardent holding up a champaign glass and wearing a tuxedo with the text 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' behind him.

It's getting cold out, eh?

An illustration formatted like a visual novel screen shot of Ardent standing next to a field at night time.

Thinking about the stars

Ardent looks over his shoulder with glowing star light superimposed over him.

Ardent the Pine Marten ref sheet 2023

Ardent's 2023 reference sheet.

Summer time street art!

An illustration of Ardent holding a can of spray paint next to a wall covered in graffiti.

A colourful pose

An illustration of Ardent striking an unusual pose, repeated in a series of adjusted colours.

Star Marten

A tarot card style illustration of Ardent posed in a Gothic archway.

Paint brush tail

Ardent dying the tip of his tail fur to match his outfit.

A collection of sticker art

A collection of four stickers of Ardent.

Just enjoying the view

Ardent stands in silhouette, looking towards an eclipsed sun.

Hello there!

Ardent leans forward at an acute angle, waving hello the the viewer.

Ardent's 2022 design

A full body illustration of Ardent, showing his fur markings and patterns.

One of Ardent's earliest designs

An illustration of a smiling pine marten wearing a well tailored suit.